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700-year-old Trikuta Shrine Complex

Telangana region is home to many historic structures which occupies a unique pride of place among other states in India since the region is home to many monuments, built by several dynasties over the years, which reflects the heritage glory and also the archeological prominence of the region.

There are many such centuries-old old temples dotting the landscape of this region. Pillalamarri village is situated towards the northeast of Suryapet town and district headquarters. This village was once the headquarters of the Racherla family, well-known regional feudatories of the Kakatiyas in historic times.

During Kakatiya era, there were hundreds of temples built all over the region, which reflects the historic legacy and this era is also known for its typical architectural style. These shrines are highly sculpted, reflecting the superior mastery of those sculptors from the bygone era.

There are three important temples of architectural and sculptural significance, located in this village. They were constructed during 13th Century AD by Racherla family. These are important temples of historical importance in this district and represent the historical significance of this place and they are thronged by visitors regularly. The Trikuta shrine, is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The temple of Erakeswarais cruciform in plan and it has three porticos each on the eastern, northern and southern sides. There is also a garbhalaya on the west. The sikara here has been constructed on the garbhagriha and it is made of brick and lime, decorated all over by miniature turrets. The Trikuta temple has been constructed in the village itself within a square compound to the north of Nameswara temple. This temple built on cruciform plan faces east, with three shrines on north, west and south.

The temple of Nameswarais located inside the village within a stone prakara. The plan of the temple is simple and consists of portico which faces east and there is a hall behind it. This is followed by an antarala and garbhagriha in the western direction.

How to Reach

Pillalamarri village is located about 5 km to the northeast of Suryapet. Suryapet town is located nearly 52 km from Nalgonda and is well accessible by road through Hyderabad-Vijayawada national highway.


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