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Dabirpura’s Tryst with History

The historic glory of Hyderabad city and its heritage significance doesn’t need any special mention. The city’s legacy is well known, with a history of more than 700 years. Particularly, the old city is a striking example of the rich past.

Hyderabad’s Old City area, may give you an immediate picture of jam-packed lanes with heavy traffic, or its cuisine or a reference to the dialect of Dakhini Urdu, which is widely spoken in the area. However, according to historians, if you refer to the same region or visited the place over a century ago, one would have seen a massive wall, which is believed to be about 18 feet high and 8 feet wide. Not many are aware that the old city of Hyderabad was once a well-guarded walled city, with the wall literally running for roughly six miles around a section of the area in Old City, while there were 13 gates (darwazas) for the purpose of entrance and exit.

The wall is believed to have been built over a long period of time. The construction started during the Qutb Shah period (1518-1687) and it was completed during the reign of Asif Jahi’s (1724-1948). The gates were controlled by guards right from sunrise to sunset.

The wall of Hyderabad’s old city initially had 12 gates namely Purana Pul Darwaza, Chanderghat Darwaza, Dabeerpura Darwaza, Aliabad Darwaza, Champa Darwaza, and Yakutpura Darwaza, followed by Lal Darwaza, Gowlipura Darwaz, and Fateh Darwaza, Doodhbowli Darwaza, Dilli Darwaza, and the Mir Jumal Darwaza. Later, Afzal Darwaza was reportedly added following the construction of Nayapul. Currently, only two gates exist – the Purana Pul Darwaza and the Dabeerpura Darwaza — which are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Heritage Telangana.

The Dabirpura Gate was built between 1724 – 1740 CE during the reign of Asaf Jahis. The gate has a pointed arch and is flanked by two bastions. The wooden door of the gateway still exists with both of its panels intact. Dabirpura is located at a distance of nearly 2 km from Charminar and is well accessible by road. Dabeerpura Darwaza, is, therefore, one of the thirteen original gateways that were built as an entrance to the old city. This gate is a witness to the city’s great history and a reminder of the past.


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