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Final Resting Place of a French General

The city of Hyderabad and its dynastic rulers shared an association with different colonial powers centuries ago. While some of the cantonment areas in Secunderabad, have been established by the British, here’s a unique French connection in the heart of Hyderabad city.

Located in Moosaram Bagh locality near Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad, Raymond’s obelisk is the resting place of Michel Joachim Marie Raymond (1756-1798 A.D). He was a well-known French adventurer, military commander and a confidant of the Hyderabad Nizam. The obelisk of Monsieur Raymond, a reputed French general in the Nizam’s military still evokes great interest with its great blend of European and Indian architecture.

Raymond came to be revered as a saint by the Hindus as “MusaRam”, and the Muslims as “Musa Rahim”. When he was just 20 years old, Marie Raymond landed in Pondicherry in 1775 A.D. to trade, like his father. When Pondicherry fell to the British in 1778 A.D., the young Frenchman became a soldier for fortune. He travelled to Mysore and joined the service of Hyder Ali, The Tiger Chief.

When Ali passed away in the year 1785 A.D., he joined the French Corps under Basalt Jung, the Nizam’s brother. Then, upon the disbandment of the Corps, Raymond entered the service of Nizam Ali Khan, the second Nizam of Hyderabad. But at the height of his glory, Raymond died on March 25, 1798 A.D. when he was only 42. He became a legendary figure in the history of the Deccan region.

Raymond’s Obelisk is therefore a great structure of heritage significance and offers many insights for explorers and historians, who wish to unravel the fascinating history of the Deccan region.

How to Reach

Moosaram Bagh is located nearly 6 km from the center of Hyderabad and is well accessible by road transport. It is situated between Amberpet and Dilsukhnagar localities of the city.


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