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Historic Sandhara temple of Kakatiya Era

Each religion has its own set of tenets, beliefs and values. Hinduism, a major religion of India, is equally known for its scriptures, temples, and other edicts, which have been a hallmark of its religious beliefs. Every dynasty in India, and Telangana have left their indelible mark in terms of religious structures, forts, currency and other aspects. The significance of Kakatiya rule in Telangana needs no special introduction as they were great patrons of art, religion and architecture.

Temples built during Kakatiya rule are considered to be of great archaeological and historical significance, because the inscriptions and other features offers great insights into specific details of the history. Here’s one such renowned temple, in Warangal region, that is quite popular for its historic legacy, from hundreds of years. Mogilicherla village is located nearly 6 km from the district headquarters of Warangal. Famous works of post-Kakatiya times such as ‘Kridhabhiramam’ and `Siddeswara Charitra’ etc., mention that Kakatiya rulers, especially Queen Rudrama Devi used to worship the deities of temples located nearby Warangal quite often and one of them is Ekavira/Ellamma goddess located in this village.

According to local traditions, Ekavira or Ellamma is none other than Renuka, the mother of Parashurama. This is a typical Sandhara temple with inner pradakshina patha, which has entrances on north, east and southern sides while there is a garbhagriha which is located on western side within the hall. There are eight big pillars, four at the centre over the broken rangasila, two in front of garbhagriha and the remaining two inside the garbhagriha. Twenty short pillars form the rectangular temple with a portico on eastern side. The entire temple was reportedly built on bedrock. Explore this medieval era temple, representing typical Kakatiya style of architecture with elaborate sculptures, stone carvings, and other highlights, which is located in Geesukonda Mandal.


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