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Majestic Monument of the Golconda Sultanate

The Deccan region of Telangana, especially Hyderabad city and several adjoining regions in Ranga Reddy district are home to prominent mosques of the Qutub Shahi Period, which are not just religious symbols, but also a witness to the centuries-old history.

The Qutub Shahi dynasty

The Qutub Shahi dynasty spanned for about 170 years in South India’s history. There were eight kings of this royal lineage, who left an everlasting impression on the people and the land. It is widely believed that the Qutub Shahi rulers were great patrons of architecture and learning. They patronized the Persian culture as well as the regional culture of the Deccan, which was largely symbolized by the local Telugu language, along with the newly developed Deccani idiom. The Qutub Shahi dynasty lasted from 1518 to 1687 until the arrival of Aurangzeb’s armies which swept the Deccan.

Iconic Mosque of Uppal

Uppal, is an important locality of Hyderabad, which is considered the eastern gateway of the city, leading to Warangal region. The area is home to one such historic mosque, located close to the Warangal highway.  The Qutub Shahimosque was built during reign of Abdulla QutbShah (1626 – 1672 AD).

Abdulla Qutb Shah was the son of Sultan Muhammad, who ascended the royal throne at a very young age of 12, while his mother was responsible for the governance of the kingdom till he was fit. Historians say Abdulla Qutb Shah lived a life of luxury and pleasure. Although he extended his kingdom, eventually there was more Mughal pressure in the year 1636. Golconda was subsequently attacked in the year 1656 and he passed away on May1st, 1672.

Grand Architecture of Qutub Shahi Mosque

It is a great structure, featuring an arched façade of three QutbShahi style arches towards the front, which are accessed by a series of steps.These arches are mainly adorned by plain round medallions, supported by curved brackets. The arches together support a domed ceiling with quenches while the dome stands on a polygonal base formed by the crossing of arches. There is also an arched gallery at parapet level of this beautiful mosque. The whole structure of the mosque is made of granite stone.  The dome is visible prominently, which is a highlight of this mosque.

The mosque is a typical representation of the Qutub Shahi style of architecture, which is quite majestic, reflecting the glorious heritage of the yesteryears.It is an important mosque of historical importance representing the rich legacy of the rulers who ruled this region.

How to Reach

In order to visit the mosque, you need to visit Uppal Kalan, located nearly 10 km from the centre of Hyderabad. It is well accessible by road and situated just 50 meters away from Hyderabad to Warangal highway. From Uppal ‘X’ roads, the mosque is only one kilometre away.

The mosque is used regularly by locals for offering Namaazevery day.During special occasions like Eid and other Islamic festivals, thousands of faithful throng this mosque for special prayers.


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