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Nirmal’s Tryst with its Glorious Past

Every heritage structure over the centuries, has a different background, story and history. Telangana state is home to numerous forts, which reflects the state’s tryst with many dynasties in each region that shaped its destiny, culture and traditions. In fact, these structures are a witness to several historic moments, conquests, victory and defeat of several mighty rulers and empires. Nirmal is a prominent town, which was part of former Adilabad district. The history of the town boasts of a glorious past due to patronization of arts and culture by ruling nobility. The region was ruled by Kakatiyas, Chalukyas, Qutubshahis and Asaf Jahis who have contributed immensely to the growth of cultural heritage.

This legacy of the region’s heritage is seen in the town where the French established a strong presence by building a magnificent fort, which stands majestically till date. The French were quite fascinated by scenic beauty of the regionand built the Nirmal fort, which is also called as the Shamgarh fort. There is also another version, according to which the fort was built initially by Rastrakutas and later developed by Qutub Shahis while the French made key modifications and strengthened the fort during the rule of Asaf Jahis.

  • The fort has many impressive features with strong ramparts on a hillock.
  • There are about 170 steps leading to the fort on top of the hillock along with a tank, located close to the fort.
  • The fort is located not that far from the national highway, connecting Hyderabad with Nagpur. In fact, this route is of strategic significance from ancient times, since it provided a key trade link between North India and South India.
  • It was considered a gateway for invading armies, thereby prompting ruling dynasties to build a strong fort here that could control access to the kingdoms, while preventing the onslaught of enemy forces.
  • The fort stands as an engineering marvel, contributed by French Engineers.
  • There are few old cannons located in the premises of this fort which is known for its unique architecture.

There were only few princely states in India, which was assisted by French and the Hyderabad Nizam’s are among them. Clearly a visit to the Shamgarh Fort, is a worthwhile endeavor that brings you closer to understand how forts shaped history. Apart from its heritage significance, the fort has a great tourist potential, owing to its scenic setting. It is important to protect such rare forts for future generations and in this regard, the government of Telangana, has provided amenities for tourists inside the premises of the fort.

How to Reach

Nirmal fort is located close to Nirmal town in Northern part of Telangana. It is well accessible by road from Hyderabad, located nearly 220 km away.

Where to Stay

Tourists can stay at hotels available for accommodation in Nirmal town or Nizamabad, located close by.


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