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Old Idgah

Hyderabad is endowed with a large number of heritage monuments dating back to early Christian ear to Nizams’ in modern period. Multiple ruling dynasties came to rule the state and they merged with cultural ethos of the area and there was a positive synthesis of different styles art, architecture and so on happened. There are …

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Rachakonda Fort

Telangana region is home to several forts and historic structures that depict the rich past of the region which has seen the reign of many prominent dynasties of South and Central India. One such magnificent remains can be seen in Rachakonda Fort. This structure is located near Choutuppal town in Nalgonda district  of Telangana. The …

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Domakonda Fort

Nizamabad district has rich legacy bequeathed by diverse ruling classes of different socio economic milieu. It was ruled by the Chalukyas, the Thughluks of Delhi Sultanate, Golkonda and Nizam rulers. Numerous extant forts, palaces, temples, mosques, tombs testify their architectural and engineering excellence and their typical tastes with respect to arts, literature, and the like.  …

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