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Preserve the heritage


Telangana is a state where to diverse groups live in harmony. Multiple archaeological monuments dotted across Hyderabad, the capital of the city and elsewhere area standing testimony to the rich heritage of Telangana.

Preserving heritage

According to Department of Archaeology and Museums, there are in 347 protected monuments in the State. These belong different periods spanning from pre-historic to 19 th century AD.

Further, protection and preservation need to be extended to new sites. According to Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage (INTACH), there are about 200 sites that are yet to be documented and come to the purview of authorities.

Why to preserve?

Heritage reminisces the past. This fact necessitates the preservation of heritage. The preservation involves protecting maintaining physical form, namely the archaeological sites and explore new ones.

Archaeological monuments give an idea of the imagination, intellect, traditions and belief of the past. In view of this, it’s imperative to preserve these monuments, and it is the collective responsibility of all.

Historical monuments enhance the culture around. Classic examples Charminar, Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad. They shape local cultural ethos by adding the typical attributes to the orthodox. They may also help boost property values around because of the aesthetic environment they create.

The work involved in preserving heritage is labor intensive and are likely to contribute to income opportunities.

How to preserve?

Preserving heritage is a collective responsibility of the government and people together, by mutually cooperating in each other’s efforts. There should be collective understanding among the parties involved.

People/organizations need to be partners in preservation programs executed by government authorities.

People should be encouraged and incentivized to travel to heritage sites. This enhances a positive feel and spreads awareness among more people. Social media channels can be leveraged to spread awareness among users as well.

People should be encouraged to contribute without any grudge to the efforts made by government and other organizations.

To preserve heritage is important. Heritage is stays for ages provided we take care by preserve, maintain and leverage to the greater good of community.





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