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Qutub Shahi Era Structure of Maheshwaram

Hyderabad is replete with historic heritage structures that dot the landscape of the city and its suburbs. It is for this reason that the city enjoys great status among other heritage cities of India. Each dynasty which ruled the region has left its own impact in terms of art, culture and architecture. One such dynasty which is considered prominent in the Deccan region is Qutub Shahi that ruled for more than 150 years, whilst leaving iconic structures, which are intact to this day. Akkana Sarai is a large monument, situated on the eastern side of Maisaram (Maheshwaram) village on Hyderabad-Srisailam road.

The square shaped sarai is named after Akkana, a Senior Officer who had served during 1674 – 1686 in the Qutub Shahi Kingdom. This is an important sarai of historical importance in Rangareddy district and represents the historical significance of this district.

Features of the Sarai

  • The sarai is surrounded by a huge compound wall with built-in cubicles facing inner side of the compound, which were probably used as rest house.
  • There is a palatial building situated in the middle of this sarai.
  • There is another pillared structured, probably used as meeting hall.
  • The compound wall consists of some cubicles near the gate, constructed on the outer side.
  • A small Hindu Temple is also present on the first floor of the square Sarai enclosure.

This Sarai was built for the traders to take night halt, before obtaining permission for entry into Hyderabad.  The Sarai was built on a strategic route, in Qutub Shahi style of architecture. This is one of the iconic structures that is still intact after many centuries and it also shows how trade used to flourish during the historic times between Golconda dynasty and other regions.

This saraiis a rare monument of glory that shows the historical significance of Hyderabad and it was clearly built for travelers. These sarai’s are typical examples of Qutb Shahi stucco work. This region is considered as one of the oldest inhabited areas in Hyderabad and the presence of a historic sarai proves this.

It is these structures that have made Deccan region, a torchbearer of centuries-old legacy that continue to flourish in the form of historic structures. A visit to the Akkanna Sarai shows the fine mastery of yesteryear artisans and skilled workers, who have built monuments that last for centuries. The sarai is an iconic masterpiece on the landscape of Hyderabad, which thrills heritage lovers. Akkana Sarai is located nearly 22 km from Hyderabad and is well accessible by road.



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