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Rachakonda Fort – The legacy of Racherla Chieftains

Telangana region is home to several forts and historic structures that depict the rich past of the region which has seen the reign of many prominent dynasties of South India. One such magnificent remains can be seen in Rachakonda Fort. This structure is located near Choutuppal town in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana.

The fort was initially built by the Racherla chieftains of Velama community who made the region as their capital. This is an important fort of immense historical importance in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district and the ruins of the structures found here, reflects the heritage significance of the region.

Rachakonda Fort, actually belonged to the Racherla Padmanayaka kings. They were chieftains of the Kakatiya rulers, who became an independent force after the Kakatiya Dynasty started losing its glory during 14th Century A.D. The legendary poet Bammera Pothana who lived during the Singabhoopala time of the Racherla clan is believed to have described Rachakonda Fort in Bhogini Dandakam, one of his earliest works.The Rachakonda kingdom, at its heyday stretched up to Godavari in the North and Srisailam in the South and as far Bahamani kingdom in the West and Kondaveedu region in the East. Later the fort was conquered by Sultan Quli Qutb Shah I (1518-43) and added to the Golconda kingdom. Rachakonda fort played an important role in the medieval history of Deccan region.

The Rachakonda Fort is spread across two hills with vast, unending wall. The fort structure has been built on two lofty spurs of the hillock. The forts were believed to have been built using long and massive stone blocks that measure over 15“ x 1.10“ x 1.6“ without any use of mortar for the purpose of binding. In the construction of the fort walls and gateways it has been discovered that the walls were built simply by piling stones which were fitted together without any kind of mortar. This form of architecture is termed the Cyclopean Masonry and the whole fort complex has been built in this way. Building a huge fort without using any masonry is simply a stunning piece of engineering!

Rachakonda Fort was a strategic fort, and this explains the absence of any royal chambers or quarters with only gateways and few watch towers.The major gateway on the hillockopens the way to a stunning view of the surrounding valley and the picturesque hills that surround the Rachakonda Fort.There are many square bastions in the fort complex, which is an example of the Hindu nature of this fort.  The visitors to this fort are captivated by the unspoilt beauty of nature all around the ramparts of the impressive structure. Rachakonda has a special significance among the historical legacies of Telangana region. The historic fort is visited by many researchers trying to understand the rich legacy of the region.

How to reach

Rachakonda Fort is located nearly 27 km from Choutuppal town, situated close to the Hyderabad – Vijayawada National highway, an ancient trade route.It is located only 70 km away from the city of Hyderabad. Rachakonda Fort is well accessible by road and is only a 2-hour drive from Hyderabad and it is also a popular trekking spot.


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