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Rock Art Site of Astrological Significance

Rock art is a form of landscape art, which is found only in certain regions of India. Rock Art includes age-old designs placed on boulders and cliff faces, along with cave walls as well as ceilings, ground surface of rocks etc. There have been more than 50 rock art sites, right from upper Paleolithic age, about 40,000 years ago, to Megalithic period (about 4,200 years ago), identified in Telangana, which makes the region a treasure trove of ancient rock arts.

Forms of Rock Art

The rock artworks are further divided into three forms namely pictographs (painted on the surface), petroglyphs (carved into the rock surface), and earth figures (engraved into ground). The study of the unique rock art sites offers good insights into our history, right from the pre-historic ages.Rock paintings found in Telangana depicts the love humans had for art and nature, in a period as early as 10,000 BC.  The paintings also revealed a plethora of wild animals that had existed all over the region then.

Mudumula Rock Art Site

Mudumula village in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana is consideredunique site as it is dotted with about 80 big menhirs (standingstones) some as tall as 14 feet. The representation of the group ofstars has been discovered here on a square table-like rock with a flatslanting top.  The group of seven stars, four of which appear like arectangle and a tail-like formation with about three stars, has beenmapped on the rocks ages ago.

Other Sites in Telangana

Warangal district is home to many Prehistoric habitation sites, explored by the experts of Archaeology department. Paleolithic Rock art paintings have been found at Pandavula gutta (Regonda mandal) and Narsapur (Tadvai mandal) in the district.

Several rock paintings were also unearthed recently in the hills of Dasarlapalli in Mulug mandal, Siddipet district. There are about10 caves with rock paintings identified here, mostly of red ochre colour. There rock art sites are found in a cluster measuring an area of 4 sq km in Yadaram of Medchal district.  This is a rock art site identified in DevathalaDoddi of Yadaram village, Medchal district. The rock shelter features paintings showing few oxen in red ochre. This site also proves the existence of prehistoric people from Mesolithic age.




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