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Showcasing the Rich History of Nalgonda

The Department of Heritage Telangana, has established many site museums and district museums all over the state, to showcase the rich heritage of these regions in Telangana. The District Archaeological Museum, Panagal is a popular museum established in Panagal village of Nalgonda district, Telangana. It is located close to the historic Chaya Someshwara Swamy Temple of Panagal village.

The Panagal Museum was established in February 1982. It is at a distance of four kilometers from Nalgonda town. Panagal in Nalgonda was a place of religious importance during Kakatiya period. The temples here were erected in remembrance of the Kakatiya rulers’ beloved deity, Shiva.

The total area of the museums complex is nearly 3 acres. There are many sculptures, prehistoric tools, coins, bronzes, beads, arms and weapons, copper plate inscriptions that are in display here. The objects displayed here were collected from excavations carried out in Vardamana Kota, Yeleswaram, Phanigiri, Panagal and many of them have also been acquired from the State Museum, Hyderabad, ranging from 2nd Century AD to 18th Century AD.

The museum is also home to statues and sculptures of various Hindu gods and goddesses dating back to the Ikshvaku dynasty of 1st century AD which are well-preserved and protected at this museum, which was constructed in the premises of the historic Pachala Someswara Swamy temple. Some of the ancient Shiva lingas that are now preserved in the museum have been collected from a village named Yeleswaram that was in submergence area of Nagarjuna Sagar dam.

How To Reach

Panagal is located nearly 4 km from the district headquarters of Nalgonda. Nalgonda is situated nearly 100 km away from Hyderabad and is well-accessible by road and rail transport.


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