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The ‘English’ Legacy of Hyderabad

The state of Telangana is truly a treasured land of monuments, historic structures and palaces. It is important safeguard these priceless monuments and preserve their glory for the future generations. A firm resolve to protect our invaluable heritage with the efforts of the Archaeology department is playing a key role in securing our history and legacy.

The city of Hyderabad is known for its unique association with several dynasties and rulers, witnessed in the form of royal patronage of the city and numerous heritage structures dotting its landscape. During the reign of Nizam’s, the city had a historic connection with the East India Company. The locality of Koti in Hyderabad is a witness to this historic legacy.

The British Residency or the “Hyderabad Residency” is an opulent mansion, which is quite attractive and unique. It was built by James Achilles Kirkpatrick who was the British Resident of Hyderabad state from 1798 to 1805.  Also called as Koti Women’s college or the Osmania University College for Women, it is a huge mansion built in Palladian Georgian style. It served as the embassy of the East India Company to the Nizam of Hyderabad, and it was the residence of James Kirkpatrick, the British Resident, and his successors.

It is considered of the most perfect and popular buildings ever erected by the East India Company.The building is one of the landmarks of Hyderabad that blended British style of construction with that of Hyderabad during the era of Nizams.It is situated in the midst of a vast area earmarked for the British residency in the heart of Hyderabad and is listed as one among the heritage structures of Hyderabad city, which still stands strong to this day.There were several quarters, including a zenana (women’s quarters) where Khair- un Nissa had lived. This residency was constructed in colonial style of architecture. In the year 1949 it was converted into a Women’s college called Osmania University College for Women.

The Department of Archaeology & Museums, Telangana organized a heritage walk at the Osmania University College for Women (British Residency), Koti, Hyderabad on August 11th 2016.  In 2017, the Department of Archeology & Museums, and Tourism, Government of Telangana in association with World Monuments Fund organized a grand event called ‘Reviving Residency’ on April 18th, which was attended by luminaries from different fields.

How to reach

Koti is located at distance of nearly 2 km from the heart of Hyderabad city, Nampally and is well-accessible by road. Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana is well connected to different parts of India by road, rail and air.

Schedule your Visit

The opulent mansion is now open for visitors. We welcome students and teachers of schools, colleges and other individual/group visits to explore the restored British Residency. Scheduling your visit has been made easy now. You can fill the online registration form to register your date of visit.


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