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The Legendary Fort of Survay Papa Rayudu

Telangana state is known for many legendary forts and leaders, who held sway across strategic locations in the region. One such famous Fort is located in Khilashpur village, about 5 km from Raghunathapalli Railway station on Hanmakonda-Hyderabad Highway.

Sarvay Papa Rayudu of Khilashpur, was a popular local leader who had revolted against the Golconda Nawabs. Local legend has associated the village with Sardar Papa Rayudu of 18th Century, a local renegade leader who had then defied Mughal Imperial authority with his activities centered round Tatikonda, Shahpur, Golconda, Bhuvanagiri, Warangal, Elgandal and Kaulas etc.

The fort is constructed on square plan with massive bastions at four corners of the fortifications. The fort is locally known as Khilashpur fort. There are extensive fortifications seen in this fort complex, which was built in 18th century.

About Papanna

Papadu (also known as Papanna or Pap Rai), who passed away in 1710 was a renegade leader of early 18th century India, who emerged from humble beginnings to eventually become a folklore hero. His deeds were described by some of the historians like Barbara and Thomas Metcalf as “Robin Hood-like”, while another historian called Richard Eaton, considers him as a good example of a social bandit.

Papadu lived during the key period when the Mughal Empire started expanding its interests in South India at a time when tensions were growing between the Muslim ruler Aurangzeb and his Hindu populace. Towards the end of his life, after Aurangzeb’s death and the subsequent power struggle for succession, Papadu dramatically enhanced his fortunes, after consequence of a raid on the wealthy region of Warangal. Although he was from humble origin, many of his followers treated him like a king.


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