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Trikuta Temple

There is a dilapidated Trikuta temple built in typical Kakatiya style. The historic temple is found in Kothapalli village.

The temple stands on an upapitha which serves the purpose of pradakshinapatha. It is divided into horizontal mouldings. The temple faces south. It consists of a square mandapa with three shrines towards the east, west and north.

This temple is similar in style to that of the main Trikuta temple located at Nagunuru village as well as the Thousand Pillar temple at Hanumakonda.

Each shrine in the Trikuta, comprises of a garbhagruha and antarala with beautifully carved doorways. The perforated screen windows are arranged on either side of the antarala doorways and figures of dancers are carved skilfully on the lintel.

A parapet runs around the hall on which the miniature shrines are arranged similar to Ramappa temple. The ruins of temple represent the archaeological significance of this region.

How to reach

Kothapalli village is situated nearly 5 km from Karimnagar city, on the road towards Jagityal town. It can be reached by bus.


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