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Unique Jain Architecture of Hindu Temple

Ancient temples are spread far and wide in Telangana, and each temple is unique in terms of architecture and other elements. Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple located in Jainath village and Mandal, Adilabad district is one such historic shrine. This is a Vaishnavite Temple and a protected monument of Heritage Telangana. The temple is located on a two feet high platform. The Lord’s idol in the sanctum sanctorum in this shrine is six-feet tall, created entirely out of black stone.

Origin of the temple

It records the military achievements of King Jagaddeva, the son of Udayaditya belonging to Paramara family. The inscriptions here also records the foundation of an Agrahara and also the erection of a temple of Nimvaditya by Padmavathi, the wife of Lolarka.


The temple is believed to have been constructed in 12th Century AD in Hemadpanthi Style. The temple depicts all the features of the Jain style of temple architecture and consequently the village was named Jainath. The temple faces east and is erected on a high jagati, which elevates the structure from its surrounding area. The jagati also serves as an open promenade and Pradakshanapatha around this temple. The compartments of this temple namely Mukhamandapa, Antharala and Garbhagriha are connected both internally and externally, which is a defining feature. They are located on a single axis, which runs from east to west.

The walls of this temple have been built with large blocks of dressed stones. The Ashtakona Mandapam features four intricately carved pillars. There is an attractive vigraha in the North east corner of the temple, facing west and there are attractive carvings on the top of this vigraha. The temple also features Brahma and Dashavatara panels. A Devanagari inscription found here starts with ‘Surya Narayanaaya Namaha’ and ends with ‘Maha Veera Naama Aditya Pratapavan Pallavijayaaditya’.

The village has a number of other small temples but the main temple is dedicated to Sri Lakshmi Narayana. The sun rays fall directly on the Moolaviraat on the occasion of Ashwayuja Pournima. Due to the prominent Surya Naama Stuthi shlokas, this temple is also known as Surya Narayana Temple.

How to Reach

Jainath temple is located at a distance of nearly 20 km from Adilabad town and 327 km from Hyderabad city. It is well-accessible by road transport.


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