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Hyderabad’s Medieval Era Heritage

Telangana boasts of invaluable heritage, timeless monuments and many more. The Deccan region of India, encompassing the state of Telangana has been renowned since ages for its heritage legacy of several dynasties and their architectural marvels. Telangana state is replete with invaluable treasures and the Department of Heritage Telangana, leaves no stone unturned towards safeguarding the priceless monuments. Hyderabad city, is home to many historic monuments of heritage significance and Mecca Masjid is one such centuries-old monument, located close to the famous Charminar.

The construction of Mecca Masjid (also called Makka Masjid) was believed to have been started by Sultan Mohammad Qutb Shah of Golconda in 1617 A.D. and later completed by Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb in 1693 A.D. The arched gallery in the premises of Mecca Masjid displays the tombs of all the Nizams from the year 1803.

The roof of this wonderful mosque is rested on 15 arches. The main hall of the mosque measures 75 feet in height, 220 feet in width and 180 feet in length. The fifteen arches fully support the roof related to the mosque’s main hall, with five on each of the three sides.

Built completely with local granite, Mecca Masjid is one of largest mosques in India. The main structure of this mosque is sandwiched between two massive octagonal columns. It is believed to be made from a single piece of granite. The mosque is one of the largest in India, which also holds a prominent relic of Prophet Muhammad.

According to legend, Sultan Muhammad Qutub Shah invited all the devout religious elders in the city to lay the foundation stone. This mosque is held in great reverence across the Islamic world since it is believed that some of the bricks on an arch to its northern side are made of earth brought from Holy Mecca in Arabia.

There is a high blocking wall towards the western side for Mehrab. Mecca Masjid can accommodate about 10,000 worshipers at any time. Mecca Masjid, is a great monument that stands as a testimony to the age-old rich heritage of Hyderabad city. The Department has taken up Chemical Conservation works at Mecca Masjid recently. It is a timeless wonder, that fascinates explorers from all over the world.


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