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Lord Krishna Shrine of Bhainsa Town

Each district in Telangana is known for its own historical legacy and history. Bhainsa region in Nirmal district of Telangana is home to a temple, dating back to the period of Kalyani Chalukyas. The region has witnessed the glory of various dynasties that have seen the imprint of the hallmark structures and other structures of heritage significance.

The temple located in Bhainsa village, consists of garbhagriha, antarala and pillared mandapa that adorn the various directions of the Temple. The central four pillars show some of the best sculptural representations.

Shaivite dwarapalas (carrying damaru, trisula, gada etc. in their hands) are carved here on antarala doorjambs and dwarapala sculptures at the entrance of the temple. Due to this evidence, it was once considered to be a Shaiva Temple, but there was no presence of Shivalinga in the garbhagriha. Presently it is known as Gopalji Temple/Gopalkrishna mandir since the temple now has a Krishna idol which is kept here in the garbhagriha and worshipped by the local people.

A Vaishnava temple, with structures belonging to Shaivism is considered unique and hence this temple is popular with historians, for its impressive history as well as the sculptures that adorn the walls and pillars.

Bhainsa is located at a distance of nearly 43 km from the district headquarters of Nirmal. It is well accessible by road transport from Nirmal and Adilabad towns. The temple is thronged by visitors during Krishnashtami and other important Hindu festivals.


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