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Medieval-Era Architecture of The Deccan

The Shaikpet Mosque and Sarai are located in Shaikpet Village of Hyderabad District. This Sarai was built for the traders to take night halt, before obtaining permission for entry into the fort from Quiladar of Golkonda Fort. The mosque as well as Sarai was built on the way to Bidar, capital of BaridShahis by Ibrahim Qutb Shah (1550–80A.D) in Qutub Shahi style of architecture.

This is one of the iconic structures that is still intact after couple of centuries and it also shows how trade used to flourish during the historic times between Golconda dynasty and other regions.

The mosque is a rare monument of glory that shows the historical significance of Hyderabad.  The sarai here is of great archaeological value while the mosque is still used by the faithful for worship.This mosque and sarai at the Shaikpet village near Golconda fort was clearly built for travellers between the city of Bombay in the west, and Machilipatnam towards the east.

The Sarais are typical examples of Qutb Shahi stucco work. The Mosque here has two impeccable Qutbshahi architectural style minarets and there are three arches on the facades which overlook the Shaikpet and Tolichowki areas.It is considered as one of the oldest inhabited areas in Hyderabad after Golconda and Karwan, and hence Shaikpet is a historian’s fantasy with many magnificent and awe-inspiring monuments that are found scattered here at every corner.

According to the wakf gazette of the year 1980 there are about seven mosques and tombs in this locality. The biggest one amongst them, Shaik Masjid stands majestically on a massive 670 square yards land along with giant minarets.  Shaikpet Mosque and Sarai are located at distance of nearly 11 km from the centre of Hyderabad and is well accessible by road.

It is one of the rare archaeological wonders of Hyderabad that mesmerizes visitors. It is these structures that have made the heartland of Deccan region, a torchbearer of centuries-old legacy that continue to flourish in the form of historic structures.

A visit to the Shaikpet Mosque shows the fine mastery of yesteryear artisans and skilled workers, who have built monuments that last for centuries. The mosque is an iconic masterpiece on the landscape of Hyderabad, which thrills heritage lovers!


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