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Prominent Monuments of Khammam District

Mukkanteswaralayam, Kusumanchi

Kusumanchi town is located between Khammam and Suryapet and is home to renowned temple of Sri Ganapeshwaralayam and Mukkanteswaralayam, built by the Kakatiya rulers during 12th and 13th centuries. Mukkanteswaralayam is located about two km from the road and a few meters from the Ganapeswaralayam. Mukkanteswaralayam is a triple shrine, wherein each of these shrines are in a juxtaposed manner, leaving some space in between them. Each temple also consists of a small portico. These temples face northward direction.

Khammam Fort

Khammam fort is a hill fortification occupying an area of nearly 4 The majestic fort represents the pride of past rulers atop a hill which represents a blend of various architectural styles. Khammam fort was believed to have been built by rulers of various dynasties at different times. The fort was constructed initially during the 12th century by the great Kakatiya rulers. The kings Velama and Musunuri Nayak were believed to have been involved in its construction and in the year 1531, the Qutub Shahi kings started developing the Khammam Fort. This fort was repaired and renovated during the period of Asaf Jahis with the help of French Engineers.

Megalithic Burials, Mallaram

A vast megalithic settlement consisting of huge circles bearing lengthy orthostats was found near Mallaram in Manguru mandal, (Burgampahad Taluq), Khammam district. The people of those times, have developed a novel method in cutting slabs for cist burials. Huge blocks of stone slabs measuring 1 to 2 feet in thickness were used as capstones. This megalithic settlement located in deep forest is among those series of megalithic sites unearthed by the Archaeology department in Telangana state, indicating a rich past.

Trikuta Temple

Pulluru Village is located nearly 8 km from the Mandal headquarters of Garla in Khammam district of Telangana. Located close to the outskirts of the village, within a rectangular compound wall is the famous Trikuta Temple. The Temple faces east with three shrines on Southern, western and northern sides with a common ranga mandapa that was a witness to the history of the region. It is situated infront of antarala located towards the northern end. It is a famous Siva temple believed to be centuries old.


Nelakondapalli in Khammam district of Telangana is well known for its Buddhist legacy which has earned this place a unique identity. Buddhist Stupa locally termed as Viratrajgadde or Erradibba is located in between Nelakondapalli and Mujjigudem villages. The excavations here have unearthed a Vihara complex which is located nearby to the Mahastupa including a Chatusshala type of Vihara complex having hundred cells with a spacious cultural courtyard, wherein the foundations of the Vihara also has an entrance way on the eastern side. The discoveries made in this region are of high significance with immense tourism potential.


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