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Telangana Through Ages: Perspectives from Early & Medieval Period.

The state of Telangana holds the unique position of being the youngest state in India and being one of the oldest sites of human habitation in the country. This region is unique, as it has yielded prolific evidence in almost all cultural stages of human history. Strategically located at the centre of the Indian sub-continent, the region has been a point of interaction of various cultures from near and far.
During Early period this region was part and parcel of Maurya Empire and later on ruled by Satavahanas, Vishnukundins, Chalukyas of Badami, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas of Kalyani and Kakatiyas. In the medieval period Bahmanis, Padma Nayakas, Qutb Shahis and Asafjahis ruled the region. During the above periods, tremendous development took place in the fields of art and architecture. Various religious schools viz., Buddhist, Jain and Hindu flourished in the region which also paved way for the evolution of iconography and religious pantheons in the region. Great strides were made in Coinage. Coins made of gold, silver, copper, potin and lead were minted from this region and they developed to be a great source of information for linguistics, art and history. Potter crafts and paintings, mainly Deccani miniatures are the other important art forms that emerged from this region.
Tracing Telangana’s historic roots in the above fields is one of the foremost priorities of the Department of Heritage, Government of Telangana and keeping this goal in view the department is conducting a two-day international seminar titled “Telangana Through Ages: Perspectives from Early & Medieval Period.” The first international seminar titled “Rediscovering Telangana: An International Seminar on the Recent Trends in Archaeology, Art History and Conservation”, which was held in January 2017 was an outstanding success!
The seminar is taking place in the historic city of Hyderabad at Dr. Marri Chenna Reddy HRD Institute, JubileeHills. This two-day seminar endeavors to bring together scholars whose research is based on Telangana so as to create an environment of learning and discovery whereby future scholars will be able to explore recent developments in these fields. Telangana Archaeology has invited theparticipantsof the seminar to present their research papers, as part of discovering Telangana’s vibrant history.
The papers to be presented are related to
i)Early period of social, economic, religious and political history of Telangana region.
ii)Medieval period of social, economic, religious and political history of Telangana region.
Abstracts for papers were submitted by 30th November, 2017, not exceeding 300 words with clear title of the paper along with a CV. Speakers at the conference are being given 20 minutes to present their papers. Presenters were informed of their acceptance after a rigorous process of assessment by the Department of Archaeology & Museums, Telangana. We extend a warm invite to the distinguished faculty, deans and research professionals in the art history and conservation, amateur and experienced archaeologists as well as historians to be part of this exciting endeavor.


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